Intercept at 11,000

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The first part of my eBook, Intercept at 11,000 is now available online at

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Views as of 09/16/2014

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Many thanks to all of the great FlightGear people out there for visiting and following HSOTF. I know we haven’t been very active at all in the past several months, but we are practically run dry with members.

That being said, we’ve had a nice 4,501 views and 69 followers! Thanks for this, we appreciate it.

Great work, FGUK.EU!
















Awesome wave, people!

Friend here with HSOTF13, Howards, and HSOTFO9. We captured a lot of screenshots (404!), (mostly me) but we also have some new aircraft to show, like LesterBoffo‘s P-51A, the all-fighter variant. The P-51A was an all-fighter warbird designed without dive brakes or ground attack capabilities. This was the USAAF’s top fighter during World War II and it also flew during the Korean War. Later it was outfitted with reconnaissance gear and other equipment. It was armed with .50-caliber machine guns and had a heavy blow against Luftwaffe aeroplanes.

The F-86F Sabre was the USAAF’s answer to the MiG-15/17bis. The deadly Soviet fighters packed a wicked punch, and it was only after the F-86F started flying that the USA’s planes stopped being downed. In FlightGear, it has evolved with a new particle system for gun flashes, but the downside is that there are no tracers. Hence the ineffective dogfighting capabilities. It’s agile and capable. the gunsight causes major FPS lowering, so delete this folder (the  to fix that. You won’t be able to aim, but after all there is nothing to aim. The F-86 variants in the FG version have selectable bombs/missiles. The bombs make an innovative “crater” which just lays a 3D “crater” model on the stricken surface. Lovely…

There are a number of other planes/helis, as well as ships/subs. There is one where I am flying a C-17 Globemaster through crazy terrain to VQPR, Paro Airport in the Himalayas. It is the most dangerous airport to land on, and only eight pilots WORLDWIDE are eligible to fly there.

By the way, there are repetitions in fgfs-screenshot(s). There is a (1) after every other one. Sorry about that. I won’t label who flew what. You can guess. One of the shots has a P-51A flying ten feet over an enemy B-17F (not historic, I know) and there’s explosions and gunfire everywhere. Very cool. That’s LesterBoffo’s bit.

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The following URL is no longer existent and all relevant contents will be transferred to the HSOTF Official website—the one you’re on now.

Important! If you are a HSOTF member, you are under direct orders to fully read the document here: Penalty System Page.

G’day! This is Friend, Commander for Helldiver Squadron Offensive Tactical Force.

Bear in mind that this is my first tutorial and consequently is not the best out there. However, there are few or no tutorial dictating how to fly the A6M2-O Model Zero in carrier operations. This tutorial has screenshots, text, and messages from screens. I wish I could record with screen-recording software or load a videotape from the FlightGear interface, but for some odd reason my computer glitches and shuts FlightGear down once I try that. This really gets in the way when I am in a tight dogfight and can’t afford to have the computer lag.

Here is the tutorial:

HSOTF Tutorial–A6M2-O Carrier Operations

IMPORTANT: Website Shutdown in One Week

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Friend here to say that since we are getting zero traffic on this outcropping of HSOTF,meaning the HSOTF Blue Jays Squadron website, we will delete this domain and put a branch on the HSOTF website ( Thank you for your contributions, all.

–The Commander