Head Outfield Officer Information Page (Regulation Officer)

Head Outfield Officer:

Regulation of applications

Regulation of participants

Regulation of records

Regulation of archives

Regulation of mission reports

Regulation of flight reports

Regulation of Suspension of Ranks

Regulation of rule changes

Regulation of policy changes

Regulation of pacts, treaties, agreements, alliances, armament, disarmament, and of all offices save the Commander’s

Responsible for the Head Office of Negotiation; treaties, pacts, alliances, agreements, armament, disarmament, and of all Negotiation Offices under the Head Office of Negotiation save the Commander’s.

No confrontations or challenges against the Head Outfield Officer. Any must be filed in a proper report or they will not be considered. Any accusations directly at the Head Outfield Officer are not to be tolerated and will result in Suspension of the Ranks or more extensive repercussions.   





Negotiations With the EAF Based On Proclamation of Attack On HSOTF In Two-Weeks. 3/3/13

From the Head Outfield Officer and the Commander of Helldiver Squadron Offensive Tactical Force:

The following is a proposal voiced by the Head Outfield Officer of HSOTF.

With Respect,

A recent statement given by the European Air Force member, “Niko”, interested the Espionage Wing of Helldiver Squadron Offensive Tactical Force. The member was replying to a forum thread started by another member, “JayVS”, who was hired to write a Wiki page for HSOTF. “Niko” began by asking “JayVS” to look for his Skype name, and wrote it in-sentence. He then proceeded to accuse “JayVS” of spying, and threatened him—calling him a coward—according to “JayVS”. The EW affirmed this.

“Niko” also stated that the EAF had 45 pilots ready-to-fly, and that the EAF was going to lead an offensive against HSOTF. “JayVS” replied with what appeared to the EW as frusturated and somewhat irritated. “Flaws in your logic…you have less than half of the HSOTF’s pilots…calling me a coward once more will make a permanent enemy…etc.”

“JayVS” also stated that he was considering joining the HSOTF due to “the fact that they are abrasive yet respectful in how they respond to others.”

As Commander of HSOTF, I am requesting a scheduled negotiation period in one week’s time. During this time, our Ambassador(s) will negotiate a temporary pact of a no-fire span.

The main goal is to let the EAF know of a misunderstanding, and to request the consideration of matters concerning “Niko”.

If no response is given in the next three lunar days, the HSOTF will consider the terms to be terms of war.
Thank you for your time.


Head Outfield Officer

Espionage Wing Director

Cpn. Boulder

General Drakens

10th Bomber Wing Cpn.

The Commander

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 (3/3/13)
Helldiver Squadron Offensive Tactical Force







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