HSOTFJR as directed by EASFC-DH:

The following orders are to be completed and there MUST be a report by: 11:59 HRS MST, Wednesday the 19th, 2014.
1) Patrol for two hours from ICAO: LFTH in one of the following strike fighters: F-15E, EF2000, M2000-5, F-14b, F-16CJ, F-22, or the BAE GR9. Do not engage with the A-10, as it will be highly vulnerable under fighting conditions.
2) Seeking callsign “Sleb”, and will fly under OCA regulations.
3) Strike once target is sighted and completely destroy the enemy.
4) Return to LFTH in Toulon.
Location: Toulon, France, 43.1300° N, 5.9200° E.
It’s a straightforward mission that has been undertaken by several HSOTF pilots, one of which reported sighting the enemy aircraft but was unable to get a lock. It is preferred, as under OCA, that you strike the enemy while he is on the ground, and not in the air. He is predicted to be flying in a 100 NM radius around LFTH, and if you don’t ever see him, then you are under direct orders to return after two hours exactly and land at the designated air base in Toulon.
When you have completed the mission, target destroyed or not, you will file a direct report stating the happenings of the mission time, and the status of the enemy. Send the report to this email address and it will be filed under EASFC for the HSOTF extension.

–EASFC-DH, Air Chief Marshall


Patrolled for two hours 100nm around LFTH without finding “Sleb”.
This is my flight log, time is CET:
4:19am: takeoff from LFTH rw05, course north-east climbing to 32.000ft
4:35am: reached border with Italy, I set course north
4:39am: radar contact with “Zizou”, contact was a Sencal II, it was 40nm N-E of my position. As it isn’t a military aircraft I ignored.
4:40am: I was 100nm away from LFTH, I set course 270º
something around 4:45am I set course 225º
4:59am: course 180º
5:08am: course 135º
5:14am: course 090º
5:23am: course 045º
5:31am: course 000º
5:39am: course 315º
5:45am: course 270º
5:51am: course 225º
5:58am: course 180º
6:07am: course 135º
6:12am: course 090º
6:16am: course 045º
6:22am: I’ve patrolled for two hours, so I star returning to LFTH
6:34am: landing at LFTH rw23
Imágenes integradas 1
End of report.
Marcs awarded: 2
Tally count: 0

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