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Hello, all!

Friend here to advocate one of the most amazing and versatile modifications for FlightGear. Currently FGCam, an alternative camera control add-on, is only equipped to work with the Piper J3 Cub. However, it shouldn’t be too hard to modify the coding, which is conveniently coded in Nasal, to work for other aircraft in FlightGear. You can view the FlightgGear Forum topic here:


Key 8: Turn FGCam off/on

Number keys up to 7: switch variable cameras

Arrow keys and Pg up/pg dn: move about

tab key twice: view mode for cursor–move about for nice screenshots.


Here are a few shots to demonstrate how you can’t get shots like these with the default viewpoints!

fgfs-screen-083 fgfs-screen-084 fgfs-screen-085 fgfs-screen-086 fgfs-screen-087 fgfs-screen-088 fgfs-screen-089 fgfs-screen-090 fgfs-screen-091 fgfs-screen-092