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For the last year or so, we have had a silent war with the European Air Force (EAF). No conflicts have actually occurred, to our knowledge, but we have been in several major squadron-to-squadron conflicts where we suffered collateral losses, but no dead. The enemy often either retreated or we hunted them down, depending on the Central Command’s orders.

The silent war with the EAF has been a source of contention in Central Command and especially in the European Aerospace Forces (EASF), which is the government over HSOTF. Here is a tree to help define the flow of things:




So, to shed some light on as to how this all got started, we need to go back to the near-beginning of HSOTF under the EASF. During the beginning stages of HSOTF being a major force, the Commander (who still flew under the callsign “ForHire”) had a misunderstanding and mis-communication with the leader of the EAF, a significant military group. As luck would have it, things got worse and the Commander ordered the training of several specific cadets in special weapons, who in turn flew to cities where the EAF supposedly based; the main goal of this was to show the EAF that HSOTF was indeed a force to be reckoned with, but our attempts to threaten apparently went unnoticed.

I am pleased to announce the order of the Commander himself, who entrusted me to put this on the board, that we no longer will continue hostilities against the EAF unless they do so themselves. We see no purpose in contention, and as such we will presently propose a truce and potential alliance. We are allied with the following already:

FGUK- FlightGear United Kingdom

RCAF- Royal Canadian Air Force

MVA- Merlion Virtual Airlines

VCA- Virtual Canada Air

We will have the proposal up presently, and thank you all for your participation in HSOTF and Central Command.

Central Command, OF-9 Air Chief Marshal Denver Howards, ADF: O-10.


European Air Force Attack

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Missions, Uncategorized
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Scheduled attack on the EAF at 0300 PST. 82 fighters, 18 bombers. No more information to be given.