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Intercept at 11,000

Posted: November 15, 2014 in Important, Uncategorized

The first part of my eBook, Intercept at 11,000 is now available online at

Enjoy! Spread the word!


The following URL is no longer existent and all relevant contents will be transferred to the HSOTF Official website—the one you’re on now.

Important! If you are a HSOTF member, you are under direct orders to fully read the document here: Penalty System Page.

G’day! This is Friend, Commander for Helldiver Squadron Offensive Tactical Force.

Bear in mind that this is my first tutorial and consequently is not the best out there. However, there are few or no tutorial dictating how to fly the A6M2-O Model Zero in carrier operations. This tutorial has screenshots, text, and messages from screens. I wish I could record with screen-recording software or load a videotape from the FlightGear interface, but for some odd reason my computer glitches and shuts FlightGear down once I try that. This really gets in the way when I am in a tight dogfight and can’t afford to have the computer lag.

Here is the tutorial:

HSOTF Tutorial–A6M2-O Carrier Operations

IMPORTANT: Website Shutdown in One Week

Posted on February 6, 2014 by riend


Friend here to say that since we are getting zero traffic on this outcropping of HSOTF,meaning the HSOTF Blue Jays Squadron website, we will delete this domain and put a branch on the HSOTF website ( Thank you for your contributions, all.

–The Commander

New HUD/GUI config.

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Hello all,

This is Friend to tell you that I am developing with my limited coding abilities the newest HUD configuration for HSOTF fighters. Bombers will be getting a variant of this new HUD. It is blue! Energy worm factor, glideslope factor, targeting for fighters, and bomb markers for bombers, this is the ultimate HUD configuration! It will be available in version 1.21.14 soon on the HSOTF Official Hangar! Used in conjunction with Clear GUI, a great piece, it looks fantastic!

helldiversquadron at gmail dot com


fgfs-screen-035 fgfs-screen-036 fgfs-screen-037


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Website under development: