Sukhoi Su-37 Fighter

No imaginary stuff here…well, the model and scripting may be a bit off, but the general Sukhoi Su-37 is still there. It is armed with a machine cannon, unguided AIM-9s (which I am replacing with guided ARAAMs and AIM-9s), and MK-82 bombs (which are also getting replaced with submodel droptanks).

HSOTF16 bandicam 2013-06-01 11-43-58-948 bandicam 2013-06-01 11-44-01-659 bandicam 2013-06-01 11-44-12-601 bandicam 2013-06-01 11-44-13-617 bandicam 2013-06-01 11-44-20-615 bandicam 2013-06-01 11-44-41-653 bandicam 2013-06-01 11-45-08-041 bandicam 2013-06-01 11-45-43-183




So…I just noticed that the screenshots are unbearably blurry. Click on the image to expand it and see it in high-definition. Sorry, all!


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