The Commander of the squadron and the lead plane in many of the offensive maneuvers is a bounty hunter, often appearing under the callsign, “Friend” or “ForHire”. Several pilots have been attacked by his private aircraft, and have been destroyed through the FlightGear feature Bombable. The fighters and bombers he flew came to be feared after several attacks were launched, of his own accord, on the KSFO airport.


The most well-noted attack craft used by “Friend”/”ForHire” are as follows, in usage order— most used to least used:

Beaufighter —modified for Bombable

A6M2 Zero —modified for Bombable

A-10 Warthog —modified for Bombable

British Aerospace Harrier —test craft

Grumman F-14 Tomcat —test craft for pylon-mounted armaments

Grumman F-6F Hellcat —unknown use

Avro CF-105 Arrow —interceptor runs, mainly antagonizing other craft

Several other fighters have been reported to be seen, but the vast majority of reports claim to have seen the fighters listed above.


Reported bombers that “Friend”/”ForHire” has flown, not in usage order:

Beaufighter —modified for Bombable

Rockwell B-1B Lancer —high-impact explosives test craft

B-36D Peacemaker —heavy bomber test craft

B-52F —test craft–unknown use

Convair B-58 —Mach test craft for heavy, long-range bombing

B-29 Superfortress —bombing test runs

B-29 —bombing test runs

F-117 Nighthawk —bombing test runs

Handley Page Halifax Bomber —strike force test runs

Avro- Lancaster Heavy Bomber —strike force test runs

All Mig types have been flown by the Commander.

Several other bombers have been reported to be seen, but the vast majority of reports claim to have seen the bombers listed above.

The Beginning

The main use of the bounty hunter’s flights are attack runs, strike force runs, bombing, intercepting convoys and tanker aircraft, antagonizing of multiplayer units, attack runs on private aircraft, bombing of ground units, strafing ships and floating aircraft, and using attack craft disguised as private planes; the Bombable feature was applied in these circumstances.


The main drawback to the Commander’s attacks were that in order for an aircraft to be shot down, the victim would have to have Bombable installed, and also would have to have an aircraft equipped properly with the feature.

His Main Tactic, if Bombable Wasn’t Installed on the Victim’s Aircraft

“Friend”/”ForHire” often would remedy this problem by circling at high speeds around the victim, often doing flybys near or over the windshield area. On some occasions, the hunter would run straight through the victim from behind, maintaining the same speed. When this occurred, the pilot being assaulted could not see anything, because the hunter’s fighter was inside the victim’s model. Afterwards, the victim would switch to Model View, and therefore could control their aircraft to a certain degree. Once it was obvious that the victim was capable of shaking off the hunter, the attacker would fall behind, and place the afterburners or tail in the direct view of the player, taking up the entire screen with the model. The victim would not be able to control their craft; thus, they would lose all stability and crash. This was his main tactic in the event that his prey had not installed Bombable into their FlightGear interface.


“Friend”/”ForHire” never attacked aircraft unless he was hired, as described by his callsign. His form of pay for his services was a direct signed loyalty to the Helldiver Squadron. Many refused, and he subsequently left them to their own devices. He never shot down any craft unless he was hired to shoot down the planes by another user. However, many raids he carried out on ground units were entirely initiated by his own interests, often testing atomic bombs, nuclear warheads, and other types of air-to-ground armament. The nuclear attacks proved futile, and the atomic bombs glitched, thus ending the “private Cold War” he had started.





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