The Espionage Wing

This is the Espionage Wing, a group within Helldiver Squadron, which specializes in intelligence, reconnaissance, secret service, shadowing, tailing, undercover operations, undercover work, and underground activities mainly directed at the EAF.

This group only hires the best, and is very specific when recruiting new pilots and control staff. Screening is a big part of entering the E.W. If an EAF member or other enemy is found to be attempting to join undercover, the member will be subject to random attacks by the Force. In this situation, no mercy is given.

The Espionage Wing is an extension of Helldiver Squadron, and has the sole purpose of gathering information on the EAF’s movements. Members of this wing often join the EAF’s ranks and even fly with them on missions, just to learn their plans. All information is sent back to the main hub of the Espionage Wing, or E.W.

Two main craft are involved in the E.W. Interceptors and spy planes. Radar and special radio frequencies are used.




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