Wings (All Not Operational)


Weapon Systems

1st Fighter Wing (FW)—Helldiver Squadron F-22A
1st Special Operations Wing (SOW)—E.W./Green Fox MH-53, AC-130, MC-130
2d Bomb Wing (BW)—Left Squadron B-52
3d Wing (WG)—Silver Suns Squadron F-22A C-17 E-3
4th Fighter Wing (FW)—Cazski Wing F-15E
5th Bomb Wing—Right Squadron B-52
6th Air Mobility Wing (AMW) KC-135
7th Bomb Wing B-1
8th Fighter Wing F-16
9th Reconnaissance Wing U-2 Dragon Lady, RQ-4 MC-12 Liberty
10th Air Base Wing (ABW)
11th Wing UH-1N USAF Honor Guard
12th Flying Training/Patrol Wing—Bluejays Wing T-6A Texan II, T-37 Tweet, T-38 Talon
14th Flying Training Wing T-6, T-37, T-38
15th Wing C-130, C-17, F-22
17th Training Wing (TRW)
18th Wing F-15C, KC-135, E-3
19th Airlift Wing C-130
20th Fighter Wing F-16CJ
21st Space Wing (SW) Satellites
22d Air Refueling Wing (AMW)—Left Refueling Wing KC-135
23d Wing A-10 HH-60 Pave Hawk MC-130
24th Special Operations Wing Special Tactics
27th Special Operations Wing MC-130W, MQ-1B, RQ-9, PC-12
28th Bomb Wing B-1
30th Space Wing
31st Fighter Wing F-16
33d Fighter Wing F-35
35th Fighter Wing F-16
36th Wing
37th Training Wing Enlisted Training
39th Air Base Wing
42d Air Base Wing
45th Space Wing
46th Test Wing F-15C F-15E F-16 A-10 AC-130 MH-53 UH-1
47th Flying Training Wing T-6, T-38
48th Fighter Wing F-15C F-15E
49th Wing F-22 MQ-1 RQ-9
50th Space Wing DSCS, DMSP, GPS, MILSTAR
51st Fighter Wing F-16 A-10 C-12J
52d Fighter Wing A-10 F-16
53d Wing F-15C F-15E F-16 A-10 F-22A QF-4 RQ-1
55th Wing RC-135 EC-130 E-4
56th Fighter Wing F-16
57th Wing F-15C F-15E F-16 A-10 HH-60
58th Special Operations Wing MH-53 MC-130 CV-22 UH-1N HH-60G Pave Hawk
59th Medical Wing
60th Air Mobility Wing (AMW) C-5 KC-10 C-17
62d Airlift Wing (AW) C-17
65th Air Base Wing Enroute transient aircraft support
67th Network Warfare Wing
70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing
71st Flying Training Wing
72d Air Base Wing
75th Air Base Wing
76th Maintenance Wing
78th Air Base Wing
79th Medical Wing
80th Flying Training Wing T-6, T-38
81st Training Wing Technical Training
82d Training Wing Technical Training
86th Airlift Wing C-21 C-130
87th Air Base Wing
88th Air Base Wing
89th Airlift Wing C-32 C-37 C-40
90th Missile Wing Minuteman III, UH-1
91st Missile Wing Minuteman III, UH-1
92d Air Refueling Wing—Right Refueling Wing KC-135
93d Air Ground Operations Wing
94th Airlift Wing C-130
95th Air Base Wing
96th Air Base Wing
97th Air Mobility Wing C-5 C-17 KC-135
99th Air Base Wing
100th Air Refueling Wing KC-135 Stratotanker
301st Fighter Wing F-16C
302d Airlift Wing C-130
305th Air Mobility Wing KC-10 C-17
307th Bomb Wing B-52
308th Armament Systems Wing Redesignated Air Armament Center’s Armament Directorate[2][3]
309th Maintenance Wing
310th Space Wing
314th Airlift Wing C-130
315th Airlift Wing C-17
316th Wing UH-1
319th Air Base Wing
325th Fighter Wing F-22A
341st Missile Wing Minuteman III, UH-1
349th Air Mobility Wing KC-10 C-5 C-17
354th Fighter Wing A-10 F-16
355th Fighter Wing A-10
366th Fighter Wing F-15C F-15E Strike Eagle
374th Airlift Wing C-21 C-130
375th Air Mobility Wing C-21
377th Air Base Wing
388th Fighter Wing F-16C
402d Maintenance Wing
403d Wing WC-130
412th Test Wing
419th Fighter Wing F-16
433d Airlift Wing C-5
434th Air Refueling Wing KC-135
435th Air Ground Operations Wing
436th Airlift Wing C-5 C-17
437th Airlift Wing C-17
439th Airlift Wing C-5
440th Airlift Wing C-130
442d Fighter Wing A-10
445th Airlift Wing C-5
446th Airlift Wing C-17
448th Supply Chain Management Wing
452d Air Mobility Wing KC-135 C-17
459th Air Refueling Wing KC-135
460th Space Wing
461st Air Control Wing
478th Aeronautical Systems Wing
480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing
482d Fighter Wing F-16
501st Combat Support Wing GSU advocacy and support
502d Air Base Wing Joint Basing Host Wing
505th Command and Control Wing Operational-level C2
507th Air Refueling Wing KC-135
509th Bomb Wing B-2
512th Airlift Wing C-5
514th Air Mobility Wing KC-10 C-17
515th Air Mobility Operations Wing
516th Aeronautical Systems Wing Aeronautical Systems Center, (ASC)
521st Air Mobility Operations Wing
552d Air Control Wing E-3 AWACS
615th Contingency Response Wing
621st Contingency Response Wing
628th Air Base Wing Joint Basing Host Wing
633d Air Base Wing Joint Basing Host Wing
635th Supply Chain Operations Wing Global Logistics Support Center
673d Air Base Wing Joint Basing Host Wing
688th Information Operations Wing
689th Combat Communications Wing
711th Human Performance Wing
908th Airlift Wing C-130
910th Airlift Wing C-130
911th Airlift Wing C-130
914th Airlift Wing C-130
916th Air Refueling Wing KC-135
919th Special Operations Wing MC-130
920th Rescue Wing HC-130 HH-60
927th Air Refueling Wing KC-135
932d Airlift Wing C-9 Nightingale C-40 Clipper
934th Airlift Wing C-130
939th Air Refueling Wing KC-135
940th Air Refueling Wing KC-135
944th Fighter Wing F-16
Space Development and Test Wing Operationally Responsive Space systems [1]

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