“Boulder” is a Basic Airman Trainee. Once the first mission in training is completed successfully without any problems, “Boulder” will be ranked under “E-2 Airman”. Once the five air flight missions are completed successfully with a minimum death rate of 2, “Boulder” will be ranked under “O-1 Second Lieutenant”. After the Lieutenant’s main mission, “Attacking a Private Freighter and Destroying the EAF Escort”, is finished without getting shot down once, the Second Lieutenant will jump four ranks to Lieutenant Colonel.

The rank jumps are due to outstanding performance demonstrated by two test flights. The pilot “Boulder” was able to taxi, take off, retract landing gear at the correct altitude, climb properly to the correct altitude, maintain ceiling, dive, corkscrew, fire 30mm cannon adequately, slow dive with flaps, maintain proper control of thrust and power, extend landing gear, land, brake slowly and adequately, stop, taxi, shutoff engines, open canopy, shutoff the HUD, and overall fly a supersonic Avro Arrow Interceptor at Mach 1.98 at 50,000 ft. (15,000 m).

“Boulder” also piloted a MiG-29 with tremendous precision and control. All of the above were also completed successfully with the MiG-29 Fighter Jet, and also with the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II.

“Boulder” is archived in private records to be the Lieutenant Colonel and Captain of the 1st Division 12th Flying Training/Patrol Wing Bluejays Patrol Squadron.


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