Of Utmost Importance: Directed at the EAF

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Important, Uncategorized

On behalf of EASF/EASFC, we of the European Access Regent hereby request the permanent peace treaty between the European Air Force and the European Aerospace Forces Commission.

Terms of agreement:

Permanent peace draw between the mentioned.

Indefinite No-Aggression Pact of 2014:

Complete transparency in espionage and gathered information. EASFC is not required to declassify EASFC-owned intelligence; HSOTF is obligated to declassify HSOTF-owned intelligence. EAF is required to declassify EAF-owned intelligence. The Pact will dictate the sharing of information and military access to both parties.


Fitzergerald, Head Commissioner Regent, EASFC

Adelaide, AU


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