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Danger, all HSOTF pilots and local pilots. There is a bandit who intentionally fired upon and crippled a HSOTF aircraft on December 15th, 2013.

Callsign something around “F-1HNB1” or “F-HNB1” or something like that. It is extremely important that we have him/her for a heavy crime against Friend and Pebble, pilot/RIO of an F-14b flying near the Nimitz, about forty miles from the carrier. The aggressor was flying an A-7E or a Mirage 2000-5, and fired a Matra-Mica at the HSOTF aircraft. They were hit, and sent into a spin, which Friend pulled out of and only then it was noticed that their left wing was gone. The engines stalled, fuel was extremely low, and the radar couldn’t track the attacker. Friend realized that he couldn’t fight in a state like this, so he and Pebble, who was the RIO, turned and flew to the nearest airstrip, CA35. Unfortunately, they flew too high and couldn’t land. There wasn’t enough fuel for a pass, and Friend gave the order to bail out at 935 ft. above sea level. The F-14b went into an inverted backspin and spiraled into the water nearby. This attacker must be found and permission is granted to all HSOTF pilots to shoot on sight, and shoot to kill. Give no mercy, fire as needed, and make sure he/she is downed permanently. The bandit must be destroyed. If he/she is indeed found and shot down, please issue a warning on behalf of HSOTF and order the attacker to immediately contact HSOTF at to communicate on the subject. This is a direct violation of HSOTF regulations, and there is to be no quarter. Location: San Francisco, California, United States of America, coordinates unknown.

“F-1HNB1” or “F-HNB1”: Shoot on sight, shoot to kill, confirm kill. Issue warning and direct order to contact HSOTF. CURRENT THREAT.


All thanks to “NOOB-1” who opened and operated as ATC for CA35, and maintaining order in the chaos. If you can contact “NOOB-1”, please do so ASAP and have him/her contact us.

View the WANTED List page.

  1. Ms. Blay, do you know anything of this aggressor? Or are you the aggressor…?

    HSOTF Staff

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