Posted: August 7, 2013 in Missions, Uncategorized


Fun exercise…Mirage 2000-5 equipped with AIM-120 A/A missile targeting an A-10 scenario.



Decided to go retro…Me-262, the first operational fighter jet, used in the final days of World War II.




I can’t remember if this is a Corsair or what…both wings got ripped off over Nepal by a thermal that sent me spinning…powerful enough, apparently. I’ll stick with the modern stuff.




Exercise: shot down two A6M2 Zeroes with a Zero.




Hehe…bombing KIAH, or George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. What a show!




For all of you out there who like the F-16 but hate how it lags when switching views, here is the better version. The F-16CJ by FGUK now is faster-loading and comes with  flares, too!  FGUK.EU



Oh, yeah! The new F-16 comes with better crash fire! I went suicide on some parked plane below…don’t know why…hm.




I know, I know. I’m a jerk. Summoning a tanker just to shoot him down. I know.




can anyone tell me what the bloody hell this is?!? I didn’t make it! I swear!



No exercise. Had some plane on my tail who shot an AIM-9 at me. could have been a M-2000-5 or perhaps a F-14b, but I shucked out some flares and managed to get away. Whatever it was, I was faster. On MP.




Beautiful shot…the sun going down (or coming up, who cares) and me putting on a fireworks show with extra flares. Long-range patrol mission.




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