E-2 Airman to O-1 Second Lieutenant—Mission 1

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Missions, Uncategorized

The five air flight missions are to be completed successfully with a minimum death rate of 2 (not per mission, but in all). No more than two deaths are allowed. If you are shot down, but you manage to land, and you are on fire; that doesn’t count as a death. No crashing and burning, though. You are to complete this mission using an A-10 Fairchild, a good starter craft.

Take off from KSFO Airport in San Francisco (go through all of the proper takeoff sequences). Head due west over the Pacific for 25 nm, at a constant speed of 412 knots. Your max ceiling at this point need be no more than 30,000 ft. The service ceiling of the Crusader is only 58,000 ft.

Once you have flown approx. 25 nm away from the KSFO Airport, and your altitude ranges between 25,000 and 27,000 ft., take a straight, controlled dive at approx. 85 degrees. Straighten out, pull up to 10,000 ft., and keep the altitude where it is. Fly using the GPS located on the HUD, which you should already have on, to measure speed, ceiling, etc (key H, Shift+I to change HUD styles). Land at KSFO Airport on the 10L landing strip using all the proper sequences. Taxi to the nearest parking position near a passenger airliner, and stop.

Shutoff engines and battery. HUD off. Canopy open, if possible.

Your mission is completed. This was not an exercise. You will fly like this every other mission, even as the Captain of the 12th.

Good luck, and safe flying.

—The Commander


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