European Air Force— First Mission for Rookies/Trainees

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Missions, Uncategorized

The EAF is well-organized combat group. The one thing is that their group is little-known. They have obsolete sites, obsolete videos, forums, and overall— that is one of their weaknesses.

In order to successfully launch an offensive maneuver against F-16s, or whatever they use the most for combat, Helldiver Squadron must first train. The first missions for rookies/trainees— destroy an EAF fighter escorting a private craft. Using all the tactics and flying time you have invested in, shoot down the fighter escort. Whether it be a single craft or a full escort, you must down every last one.

Once that is accomplished, the one remaining craft is obviously the once-escorted aircraft. Note that the pilot was pulling a huge gamble by taking the EAF for its word, ” fly in full safety”, as their promo video states. He was gambling with the EAF versus pirates, and he thought the EAF capable of protecting his flight. Now he is in the gun sights. If he attempts to dodge or move away from the fray while you are fighting the escort, ignore him. Focus on downing the escort. The pilot can only go so far in a minute, if your training stuck with you. We recruit only the best. Use that training. Once the escort is crashing and burning, make sure that it doesn’t respawn as a result of being destroyed. Chances are, he won’t. If, in the course of events, the fighter calls for aid and backup, the planes are probably going to be there in short time, as the fighter gave coordinates. You must be prepared for this. Gauge your missiles. Gauge all pylon armament. Do not waste it all on the escort, unless there is more than one.

But back to the fleeing pilot. If he is a coward, he will respawn at some airport or in the sky somewhere, completely avoiding you. If he does, don’t bother to go after him with your radar. Just fly back at full speed to the Squadron base for refueling and reloading weaponry. If backup was called, and they followed you without you knowing, our interceptors and fighters will have long been gone, heading in the direction assigned by radar at base. If the mission is completely successful, you got out without a flaw, you lucked out with an amateur escort and blew him out of the sky, you killed him before he called for aid, and you shot down the escorted craft, you will be awarded the First Star. The First Star is the first of five stages with medals for rookies. Once the five have all been awarded in succession, you will become an Enlisted Airman. You will carry out wingman missions for three flights without abandoning your lead plane, getting shot down, or having your lead plane shot down. Once those are done, the rest of the ranks are as follows; based on real ranks of the U.S. Air Force, but we are more of the European side, not U.S.


E-1 Air Force Airman Basic Airman Basic AB Enlisted Airman [more]
E-2 Air Force Airman Airman Amn Enlisted Airman [more]
E-3 Air Force Airman First Class Airman First Class A1C Enlisted Airman [more]
E-4 Air Force Senior Airman Senior Airman SrA Enlisted Airman [more]
E-5 Air Force Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant SSgt Noncommissioned Officer [more]
E-6 Air Force Technical Sergeant Technical Sergeant TSgt Noncommissioned Officer [more]
E-7 Air Force Master Sergeant Master Sergeant MSgt Noncommissioned Officer [more]
E-8 Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Senior Master Sergeant SMSgt Noncommissioned Officer [more]
E-9 Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Chief Master Sergeant CMSgt Noncommissioned Officer [more]
E-9 Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant Command Chief Master Sergeant CCM Noncommissioned Officer [more]
E-9 Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Of The Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Of The Air Force CMSAF Noncommissioned Officer (Special) [more]
O-1 Air Force Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant 2d Lt Commissioned Officer [more]
O-2 Air Force First Lieutenant First Lieutenant 1st L Commissioned Officer [more]
O-3 Air Force Captain Captain Capt Commissioned Officer [more]
O-4 Air Force Major Major Maj Field Officer [more]
O-5 Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Lt Co Field Officer [more]
O-6 Air Force Colonel Colonel Col Field Officer [more]
O-7 Air Force Brigadier General Brigadier General Brig General Officer [more]
O-8 Air Force Major General Major General Maj G General Officer [more]
O-9 Air Force Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Lt Ge General Officer [more]
O-10 Air Force General General Gen General Officer [more]
O-10 Air Force General of the Air Force General of the Air Force GAF General Officer


The Commander holds the highest position, and orders given by him are to be followed without question. Any deviation from this rule will result in Suspension of Ranks. If there is a serious, unquestionable, and dangerous issue with an order given by the Commander, the officer will file a respectful report addressed to the Commander, and will include details given on the Rules/Guidelines page.



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